The Natural Make-up Look

Hey missies!

So tell me, how many of you are into the natural make-up look? Well, I am, especially when I’m at school 😉 . So here is my guide to the natural make-up look.

1) Choose the right brand. I find this step is CRUCIAL!!!! If you don’t have the right brand of make-up, then it can irritate your skin, and it can be just annoying! You also need to make sure you get a good quality brand, not the type that your grandma buys you from the $2 shop! I mean the ones you get from price line, or a good chemist. Some of the brands I recommend that aren’t as expensive as the earth are: CoverGirl, Australis and Nude. 

2) Foundation. When doing the natural look, I prefer to not use foundation or concealer, but if you really way to, use a light colour and MAKE SURE TO BLEND! So many people walk around the streets looking like they have a fake tan because they haven’t blended. So please blend.

Recommended brands: Nude, CoverGirl 

What I use: CG Smoothers Aquasmooth Compact Foundation Beige- CoverGirl

3) Blush. When applying a natural blush, keep in mind your skin tone, and how rosy your cheeks are. Blush is optional for a natural look, especially if you have naturally rosy cheeks like me!

Recommended brands: Nude, Revlon

What I use: Revlon

4) Eyeshadow. Personally I think eyeshadow is the most important step in this particular look because it can’t be too bold, but it has to make your eyes pop! For my tutorial on go-to eyeshadow look click here! (btw- it will be uploaded tomorrow(sorry!) so watch this space!). Choose colours that compliment your eyes (CoverGirl is really good for that) and are subtle like light pinks and browns. Do not choose purples, blacks or neon greens, those colour work best with smokey eyes.

Recommended brands: CoverGirl

What I use: Exact Eyelights Eye-Brightening Eyeshadow- CoverGirl

5) Lipstick. Top off your natural make-up look, use a lip-gloss. A light pink or neutral tone also works because it matches your lips. Remember to re-apply a few times a day.

Recommended brands: CoverGirl

What I use: Base/ Moisturiser– Chapstick Original, Colour- Natureluxe Gloss Balm/ tulip CoverGirl, Shine– Pearly Shine- Nivea

Also Check out my natural eyeshadow tutorial below!

Sorry that the tutorial hasn’t been uploaded, my flip-cam when upload!


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