Rocky inspired Boho Rock Look!

I love ‘Shake it Up’, Rocky’s my favourite! I love he style, so i decided to recreate her look. I used all Just Jeans clothes, with a few Diva accessories. Check it out!

The Outfit

How to pull it off!

Washed Mint Super Skinny Jeans
Just Jeans

Navajo Print Lace Trim Shirt
Just Jeans

Slub Square Neck Tank
Just Jeans

Distressed Denim Jacket
Just Jeans

Mischie Stone Stud Ballet Shoes
Just Jeans

Pastal Glam Multi Stone Bib Necklace

Colour Code Cubed Stud Pack


Jeans: Just Jeans

Top: Just Jeans

Tank: Just Jeans

Jacket: Just Jeans

Shoes: Just Jeans

Necklace: Diva

Earrings: Diva


Hey Missy! Spill the beans!

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