About Me

I’m Reece and I love fashion!

I also love reading, singing, dancing (around the house!), shopping and scrapbooking.

I have a three cats- latte, cappuccino and chai. Two dogs- Ruffles and Milky Way. Three Horses- Blue, Duchess and Joker. And finally, three cows- Cream, Cheesy and Daisy. BTW- my brother named our cows!

I’m a teenager, so I love to shop with my friends. My fave shops are ‘Just Jeans’, ‘Glassons’ and ‘Forever New’. My style is bold, creative and lots of orange, green and yellow!

I also love to change my style and go for floral, pretty pastels and bubble dresses!

One day I would love to own a fashion label.

I am also the writer of the blog omgdays which covers teen girl probs and solutions!


Hey Missy! Spill the beans!

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